Pujadas : A Complete Quality Solution for Your Kitchen and Catering Projects

Ali shamaan

Pujadas was started in Manlleu, near Barcelona, Spain by Miquel Pujadas in 1921. Over the past 10 decades, Pujadas has become one of the leading brands of kitchenware, cookware and catering equipment.ASTRABON is the official distributor of Pujadas for Maldives, Sri Lanka and India. Pujadas was first introduced to the Maldvies by us in 2000 at our first showroom. Pujadas is today a well-established and respected brand, especially in the tourism sector.

ASTRABON carries a considerable stock of Pujadas products and can place special orders upon request.

Pujadas products is the result of rich tradition and innovation. Pujadas offer a complete range of kitchen cookware, complements and accessories.

Pujadas follow the most efficient and environmental production processes applying the strictest quality controls whilst offering a complete product for a global consumer.

Pujadas is a global brand known for quality and performance guarantee.

ASTRABON is very product to be part of the Pujadas Family and we are confident of achieving more success together.

Pujadas Product Range

• Kitchen • Cookware • Fry Pans • Oven and Roasing Pans

Kitchen Accessories

• Kitchen Utensils • Plating Tongs • Cutting Boards • Measuring Utensils • Heat Protection


• Pujadas 1921 • Induction Black Series • Black Series • Multi-Ply • Cool Line • IDEA • Hobby Chef • Apartmento • Foodies Kitchen Utensils

Transport & Storage

• Gastronorm Containters • Dishwasher Racks • Trollery • Shelving


• Ice Cream Makers • Food Processors • Immersion Blenders • Blenders • Fryers • Toasters • Grills and Griddles • Induction Hobs • Ovens & Microwaves • Machinery for Temperature

Table and Buffet Service

• Cubic Skewer • Cubic • Display Cabinet • Buffet and Presentation • Bain Marie • Natural Bamboo and Wood • Polypropylene Baskets • Melamine • Bar •

Table Top Service

• Miniatures • Disposables • Institutions


• Pastry Utensils • Ice Cream Utensils • Non-Stick Moulds • Pastry Cutters • Stainless Steel Moulds • Bags and Tubes • Silicone Moulds • Flexipan Moulds


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